Cultivating Brand Potential. Powerful brands don’t just happen by chance; they must be cultivated – nurtured over time. Helping you realise your brand’s potential requires strategic thinking, curiosity and bags of creativity. And it just happens to be what our brand savvy designers live for.

Values, vision and passion are at the heart of every successful brand. Understanding how they relate and using them to persuade and influence your customer at every touch point is our strength; whether digital, in print or through your identity.

See some of the work we’ve loved creating and explore the expertise we can offer.

Currently in the studio

This week we have been creating concepts for Havering College’s Ready for Work Passports. This is a programme that opens up advice, support and opportunities to help get young people ready for working life.

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The oldest logo

A logo is probably the most recognisable branding element of a company. Some companies are instantly distinctive from the smallest

3D calligraphy

Regular readers of this blog know how I like optical illusions and this is no exception. Turkish graphic designer Tolga

Honest slogans

This is a bit of fun: Clif Dickens, a graphic designer from Nashville, decided to point out top brands flaws

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