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2017 The Year of the Email Marketer

Posted by: Jaine Bolton

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Fri, 06 Jan 2017

2017 the year of the email marketing rooster

In 2017 email marketing, like the Rooster, will be stronger and smarter than ever.

The Rooster is an animal guided by its instincts, welcoming the morning sun for no other reason than it just feels right. Luckily, the email marketer can be guided by not only their instincts but also confidence in the quality of their email marketing data.

Companies want to innovate in email marketing
According to Econsultancy research, companies want to innovate their email marketing this year. 66% intend to be more creative with behavioral triggers, using dynamically changing content and marketing automation to create one-to-one communications.
Making data quality a priority will be key to creating better automated and personalised customer experiences. Getting the right message to the right people at the right time, has always been the communications mantra, but combining automation, data and dynamic content is only going to make this better in 2017.
But our advice is don’t run before you can walk. Jenna Tiffany of Communicator supports the importance of getting the basics right. “Research has shown that consumers respond well when brands get the basics right. Optimising from the ground up and getting the basic elements right first, means your automation can grow as you do.”

Thinking beyond the click
Personality traits of people born under the sign of the Rooster include confidence and motivation, these are equally important for email marketing this year.
Jordie Van Rijn of Email Monday sees email marketing reinventing itself by acknowledging PERSON + PROFILE + PURPOSE = PERFORMANCE.
Connecting email marketing with other business applications gives you greater opportunity to think beyond the click. Integrating email with Google Analytics and ecommerce platforms like Shopify give greater reporting on the true ROI of an email campaign, giving you confidence about what works and creating more of what motivates your audience along the sales funnel.

Mobile usage is getting bigger, while content is shrinking
Mobile phones are now the most common devices to access emails. 68% of emails were opened on a mobile device in 2016. According to research*, the sweet spot for email length was between 50-125 words for optimal effect. With less space and minimal attention spans, expect email content to get shorter.  However, some of the best articles I have read lately have been written directly into the email, styled like a mini web page or blog. Litmus and Mailchimp in particular have sent some great examples of longer content focusing on one topic or article. To be fair I don't always read them straight away and tend to file these away for research or when I have more time, so as always test what works for your audience.

There will be lots for email marketers to think about in 2017, but it is only January. Depending on your company, budget, resources and sales strategy we would advise incremental changes to your email marketing, focusing on one area at a time, see what works and build on that success. Like the Rooster keep pecking away it and you will soon be crowing the loudest in the email-marketing hen house.

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*Research Source: Email Monday