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3D sand drawings

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Wed, 21 May 2014

Love making a sand castle or writing your name in the sand on a cold, gloomy British beach? Well, get ready to up your game after seeing these amazing 3D sand drawings.

New Zealand artist Jamie Harkins and his fellow artist friends Lucia Lupf, David Rendu, and Constanza Nightingale transform the beaches of Mount Maunganui into eye-popping works of art with their amazing 3D sand drawings.

The artists etch large-scale shapes and lines in the sand, producing imaginative scenes and when viewed from a distance away, the sand drawings come to life, giving the illusion that they’re actually 3-dimensional.

To create these fun scenes, the artists use anamorphosis, a visual technique that sidewalk artists also use. Anamorphosis is a distorted 2D image that, when viewed from a specific vantage point, achieves a 3D effect.

See the group’s Facebook page for more images.

Source: My Modern Met