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6,000 bottles hanging on a wall

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Wed, 25 Jun 2014

This is a creative project that also focuses attention on the big business of bottling water and the serious problems it can lead to, especially in developing countries.

Created by anonymous collective, Luzinterruptus, the Labyrinth of Plastic Waste is a giant sculpture that was constructed out of old plastic bottles to demonstate the amount of plastic waste that is consumed daily.

Presented in Poland at the Kaowice Street Art Festival, visitors were invited to enter the 23x16 foot space, which stood more than 11 feet high, and wander through the maze-like pathways.

The foundation of the construction was a metallic structure formed from reusable elements. 6,000 water bottles from a local manufacturing and bottling plant, as well as materials contributed by local residents, were placed in transparent bags, which were then suspended from that metallic frame. During the day, sunlight sparkled through the colorful bottles while at night; the materials were illuminated with LED lights to create a magically glowing space.

Opened to the public for two weeks, at the end of the Festival, the piece was dismantled and all the elements were reused and recycled.

See more of Luzinterruptus’s work please see their website.

Source: My Modern Met