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An architectural alphabet

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Wed, 05 Feb 2014

This blog is for the architects and planners I know as I expect they will appreciate this.

This alphabet, catchingly entitled ‘Archibet’, features the famous buildings of 26 well-known architects by turning the letters of the alphabet, with each represented by an architect whose name begins or ends with the same letter.

These were created by architect and illustrator Federico Babina, who has previously created a graphical series of iconic buildings in famous films.

Babina’s description of his project states, “The idea on which the Archibet project is based is to find a way to express through 26 illustrations the heterogeneity of forms and styles that make up the architecture. Each letter is drawn according to the interpretation of an architect’s style. Each letter is a small surrealist architecture that becomes part of an imaginary city made up of different shapes and styles that speak the same language of architecture.”

Alvar Aalto’s Riolo Parish Church, Jørn Utzon's Sydney Opera House, and Zaha Hadid’s Library and Learning Centre in Vienna are some of the buildings included.

It might help me remember and visualise the style of each architect’s respective buildings. Have a look and see how many you can recognise.

See more of Federico Babina’s work here.

Source: Design Taxi