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Barbie girl – not so much

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Wed, 16 Dec 2015

A new Barbie advert is aiming to push beyond traditional gender stereotypes by encouraging girls to imagine themselves in non-traditional roles such as a football coach, vet and museum curator.

The heart-warming piece sees young girls act their chosen professions for real before bemused members of the public in a two-minute clip whilst hidden cameras record the reactions of onlookers.

Explaining the new ad manufacturer Mattel remarked: “For over 56 years, Barbie has inspired imaginations and encouraged girls on their journey to self-discovery. From Mermaid to Movie Star, Pet Vet to Police Officer, Fashionista to Fairy Princess, Barbie continues to celebrate the belief that You Can Be Anything.”

Barbie herself doesn’t make an entrance until the closing scene where a girl is shown playing with the characters dolls in her bedroom. I really like this advert; it is pushing against the Barbie girl stereotype and showing how a brand can alter perceptions of itself. The ad has already come into some criticism, from people who think it’s very ‘cutesy’; so what do you think of it?

Source: The Drum