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Behind the iconic brands

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Thu, 28 May 2015

Interesting article on that looks at 10 iconic brands and investigates the stories behind their brand slogan.

Such as the California Milk Processor Board’s “got milk” slogan, which came from a woman saying at a focus group: “The only time I even think about milk is when I run out of it.’ So ‘got milk?’ was scrawled on a poster board for a meeting and it was then decided it might be a tagline.

Other brands covered are Apple and their slogan ‘Think Different’; BMW and their slogan ‘the ultimate driving machine’; and the City of Las Vegas: ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

If you like a bit of brand history this is the article for you.

Read the full article here, the article also contains a link to the curious and questionable origins of Nike’s iconic slogan “Just Do It”, makes fascinating reading.