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Bio Urns

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Thu, 26 Nov 2015

The creators of Bios Urn see death as a catalyst for new life, and with their eco-friendly product, the remains of a loved one can help fertilise a tree to bring a living organism into the world. Using 100% biodegradable materials, they’ve produced a special capsule that contains a seed, soil, and vermiculite positioned on top of the deceased’s ashes. The urn is filled, components mixed together, closed, and planted.

Bios Urn allows a unique type of mourning. Instead of visiting a tombstone, the grieving can plant the urn and know that it will benefit the Earth by becoming a home for birds and furry creatures. It can also be a place where the living enjoy outdoor activities while shaded by their loved ones. Here, they can create new memories to last the rest of their lifetime.

See more at the Bio Urns website.

Source: My Modern Met