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Bodypaint Artist brings paintings to life

Posted by: Nigel Peters

Categories: Creative, Photography, Illustration,

Tue, 15 Jan 2013

Alexa Meade is an artist who has developed a unique method for her paintings. From the initial images below they look like your run of the mill type paintings.

Only when you understand what her technique is can you really appreciate her talent. She takes real people and applies acrylic paint to them in order to create 3D-2D scenes.

That is correct all of these images are photographed scenes of live models! It took me a while to really buy that Alexa's paintings were not just traditional paintings on canvas or live photo backgrounds with the scene painted on. On her website it shows shots of her working on various models and scenes.

While bodypainting is by no means new, what makes Alexa's work outstanding is how these scenes truly mimic a 2D portrait painting done in an expressive style.

Hop on over to Alexa's Website  and see more of her work. I also recommend looking at her Flickr  page at her latest projects which are quite amazing.