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Bye-Bye birdy

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Wed, 19 Mar 2014

An end of an era is upon us as frozen food favourite Captain Birdseye is no longer to appear as the public face of fish fingers. Birds Eye frozen food brand is launching new branding and packaging as part of a £60 million Europe-wide brand relaunch.

A photogenic family in the new campaign, which is called The Food of Life, will replace Captain Birdseye. It aims to “champion real food and the way real people eat and interact at meal times”. The campaign will also use Twitter and Facebook alongside traditional television ads to extend the appeal of the cod snacks.

The captain has been played several different actors since making his small-screen debut in 1967 with the slogan: "Only the best for the Captain's table."

The brand is also trebling its digital spend, and is set to launch a new ‘digital hub’ featuring content such as mealtime food and drink ideas and tips on ‘topics of conversation and must-have accessories or props’, says Birds Eye, which can be shared on social media.

In the coming months five new TV and cinema ads will air promoting Birds Eye's range of brands which include peas and the up-market Baked to Perfection brand, in addition to fish fingers.

I’m not going to lie I think the new brand marque looks much better: more up-to-date and I will be interested in the new advertising. The frozen food industry seems to have a difficult time with consumers not thinking the food is as fresh or nutritious so anything that shows improved food quality would be a bonus.

Source: Design Week