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Chemically altered

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Thu, 10 Sep 2015

These are very disturbing photographs on an important and concerning topic. Brandon Seidler draws attention to the damage humans have done to the environment by photographing natural landscapes that have been altered by chemical pollution and then soaking the film in the same harsh chemicals that were found at the site.

The developed film, which has been corroded by different acids, yields distorted, uncanny images of a world transformed by manmade toxins.

Seidler from New Jersey, was a college senior when he found a way to treat film using chemicals, producing extremely colorful results in the process. Later, he came up with the idea of pairing chemically altered film with the environmental issues he was so passionate about.

Although some of the pollutants can be removed from the site of a toxic spill, Seidler doubts whether the damage can ever be completely reversed. "What happens to the initial amount absorbed into the ground? Or by the plants or animals that are there at the spill site?" he questions. "If this is the effect they have on a piece of plastic, what is it doing to our environment?"

He is hoping to turn his photos into a photo book called ‘Impure’ and recently launched a Kickstarter campaign. See his website for more photos and information.

Source: My Modern Met