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Posted by: Jo Briton

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Thu, 28 Jan 2016

This identity looks intriguing and colourful and certainly draws the eye.

The visual identity is for a philosophy festival in Barcelona and it uses colourful, abstract icons to symbolise its different events.

Barcelona Pensa, which translates to Think Barcelona, is a six-day festival comprised of conferences, talks, workshops and cinema screenings based on topical issues looked at from a philosophical perspective.

Barcelona-based consultancy Studio Carreras has completed the branding for Barcelona Pensa, and has designed 25 different pictogrammes to make up the main visual identity, with more icons designed for additional marketing materials and events.

The shape and colour of the icons are relevant to specific ideas or events. Some of the symbols are quite literal, while others require more thought.

Literal symbols include a black skull (Row 4, Column 4) that has been used to illustrate a talk given on apocalyptic scenarios, and a pink heart (Row 5, Column 1), which also has “sexual connotations”, used for a talk on Socrates’ beliefs in love and eroticism.

The branding was applied to marketing collateral such as posters, flyers and postcards, online and for signage at the festival.

Source: Design Week