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Designing “with and not for” people with autism

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Tue, 23 Jun 2015

This is an interesting project, which has produced some excellent design. Blue State Digital has co-designed Ambitious About Autism’s new website by working directly with young people who have Autism.

Ambitious About Autism is a charity which offers education and support, raises awareness and is involved in campaigning and lobbying.

BSD has designed the site “with and not for” young people with autism and has looked to “not just tick the accessibility box” but “fully embrace all users”. Ambitious About Autism is descripted as a “disruptive brand”, which is looking to enact change and offer support.

The previous site engaged a small active community, but a need was identified to drive further, broader engagement and increase fundraising.

The consultancy has taken an “action-orientated approach”, which means encouraging people who use the site to take increasing levels of action and to become more involved.

One of the key sections of the site is My Voice, a forum section co-designed with and directed towards young people. Parents have also been engaged. My voice will be “an authoritative voice”.

A strong voice will be garnered through structured debate, led by stakeholders and by including the voices of the charity’s Young Patrons –who attend party conferences, meet MPs and campaign.

A new topic-based “About autism” section has been created and is geared to accessing information quickly. It also integrates with the forums.

View the new website here.

Source: Design Week