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Drifting into art

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Tue, 21 Jan 2014

British-born artist James Doran-Webb has created these amazing life-size horses out of salvaged driftwood as part of an ongoing series of animal sculptures.

Fascinated by the representation of motion in sculpture, he strives to generate a strong sense of energy in every animal he makes.

Having lived for many years in the Philippines, Doran-Webb built up an extensive network of driftwood gatherers to help him with his art. When he works on a new sculpture, he sorts through a large stockpile of wood and picks the pieces that best express the natural form of the animal and its muscle structure.

He has always loved antiques and has been working with wood, making models and miniature sculptures since he was a small boy. His childhood was spent in the workshops of his parents’ antiques restoration company both in the UK and in France, whittling, carving and refinishing.  By the time he reached his late teens he was not only an accomplished antique dealer but also a very competent cabinet-maker.

James started to design driftwood furniture in 2005 and it was while playing with the various natural forms that he decided to try his hand at making animal sculptures.

Please see more incredible sculptures on his website.

Source: My Modern Met