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Dyslexic Typeface

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Tue, 21 Jul 2015

Many of us take for granted how easy it is for us to read and write; but people all over the world struggle with reading for a variety of reasons including dyslexia. So Daniel Britton created the “Dyslexic Typeface” for a self-incited project whilst at University at The London College of Communication.

As a dyslexic himself, Britton knew that existing material explaining the condition was rather basic. He wanted to be able to demonstrate the feeling of reading with dyslexia. So, he created a typeface that would be almost illegible so that it would slow down the reading pace of a non-dyslexic person to the speed of a dyslexic and in return recreating the frustration, the embarrassment of reading with the condition.

Now his Dyslexic Typeface is gaining more media attention, Britton has created Dyslexia Awareness educational pack to send out to schools on request that will educate the parents and the teachers on what the issue is and how best to treat it.

See his website for more information.

Source: Bored Panda