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Facebook gets friendlier

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Wed, 15 Apr 2015

Banks did it, IT and tech firms did it, now social media is marketing and advertising itself on the people. Since it is social media you would have thought this pretty obvious but it has been lacking.

Facebook have unveiled an advertising campaign that centers around friendship and the bonds that tie people together. As well as TV adverts they have adverts in print, digital, Facebook, Instagram and outdoor billboards formats.

Adweek recently got an exclusive look at the billboards—the simple and striking designs featuring photographs of friends emblazoned with a check mark got the thumbs up. A small Facebook icon is the only branding, again showing the company's newfound confidence as an advertiser. (It's an iconic brand by now, and is finally acting like one.)

The digital experience is interesting, too. The site,, includes all sorts of clickable content—leading to quirky little videos and photos, all of which are sharable on Facebook with a click. Melodie McDaniel shot the stills and live action.

See more at Adweek for all the information and more images.

I was actually drawn to one of the Facebook TV advert when I was watching a programme and thought it was fun, true to life and it made me watch it. Very clever.

The writing in the advert is poetic and somewhat humble. The self-effacing tone is a thread that runs through the whole campaign. It also cleverly weaves in familiar Facebook slogans such as ‘likes’, ‘shares’ and ‘friend requests’.

Source: Design Taxi, Adweek