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Foody photography

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Tue, 20 May 2014

We love food at Acumen Design, and we haven’t had a foody blog for a while so here’s two in one, which focuses on food photography.

First up is LA-based photographer Julie Lee who created colourful collages of food she has purchased from the Saturday Santa Monica Farmers Market or her own garden, never from a store.

Look at the vibrancy and textile of the food in the photographs, they look mouth watering delicious.

To see more of Lee’s work, please see her blog.

Then in a different style of food photography we have Ukrainian food artist Daryna Kossar who make delicious “paintings” from various types of food.

Kossar first draws an outline of a character on paper, and cuts it out using a pair of scissors. She then uses the cutout as a guide to slice bread into the shapes she requires. After that, she uses fruit to color and complete the image.

View some of her work below or on You Tube.

These two styles for food photography are very different but equally as interesting and creative. Do you have a preference?

Source: Design Taxi – Artfully arranged foods and creatively assembled foods