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Going viral for new identity

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Tue, 04 Mar 2014

I really like the new identity for the Society for General Microbiology, to me it looks exactly how I imagine microbes look like, although perhaps brighter colours. What do you think?

Created by Firedog, the new identity is formed from the ‘soft, circular’ shapes of microbes.

SGM is a membership organisation for scientists working in microbiology, and the largest learned microbiological society in Europe.

Firedog says early design work used the shape of microbes. The consultancy said: “Retaining the roundness of early designs, the brand mark evolved into an M device that subtly hints towards microbiology without being overly explicit.”

A series of colour combinations can be used “to add flexibility and interest” and the agency has created graphic applications that juxtapose the soft shapes with angular geometric ones – to represent the “sharp analytical minds of the people who work in this domain”. I like the idea and contemporary look of this.

The typeface has also been updated from Rotis to DIN to make it easier to read in digital environments.

From Design Week