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Handwritten typeface

Posted by: Jo Briton

Categories: Typography,

Wed, 02 Jul 2014

The makers of BIC Cristal ballpoint pens have created a microsite for people from around the world to submit their handwriting.

The creators have developed an algorithm that “calculates the average and merges them into one ever-changing, always evolving font, unifying the world's handwriting into a universal typeface”.

The interactive site shows letters of the alphabet overlapped with various handwritings—the contributor's name and picture will appear by navigating the mouse over the letter. 

Users can further explore the typeface by clicking on the various categories, like “Gender”, “Age”, “Country”, that break-down the number of characters contributed for each letter—for instance, the letter “F” has 12875 number of contributors from the age range of 15-29.

So far 402,415 characters have been submitted from 85 countries.

Want to add your contribution? See more at the website.

Source: Design Taxi