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Have a heart or a shank

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Thu, 16 Jul 2015

Sex sells – that’s the phrase isn’t it? Well, rather attractive naked or scantily clad ladies (rather than men) are well known to be overused in advertising to sell various products and services.

PETA are no exception to this rule and are infamous for their close to the edge marketing. In 2010 they featured Pamela Anderson in a bikini to try and get people to ditch meat. The organization published an ad featuring former Victoria’s Secret model and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover girl Marisa Miller posing unclothed in a bathtub to protest cruelty against Orca Whales.

Now France-based lingerie designer Zahia Dehar has stripped bare to star in PETA’s most recent ad calling for more people to go vegetarian.

The image was captured by musician and photographer Bryan Adams.

Zahia commented on the PETA UK website, “Humans allow themselves not just to kill animals but also to kill them in more and more atrocious ways. And all of this just for their own pleasure, for their personal satisfaction… This has always disgusted me, because I’ve always been on the animals’ side. So if, like me, you don’t want animals to be abused, tortured or killed, please follow my example and switch to vegetarian meals.”

As thought provoking and attention grabber as this poster is – would it persuade you to ditch the meat?

See PETA’s website for more information about their campaigns.

Source: Design Taxi