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Posted by: Jo Briton

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Tue, 28 Apr 2015

Tinder users at the SXSW festival on Saturday were encountering an attractive 25-year-old woman named Ava on the dating app.

A journalist’s friend made a match with her, and soon they were having a conversation via text message.

But when he opened up Ava's Instagram, it became clear something was amiss. There was one photo and one video, both promoting Ex Machina, a sci-fi film that just happened to be premiering Saturday night. The link in her bio went to the film's website. And it turns out the woman in the photos is Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, who plays an artificial intelligence in the movie.

I think this is brilliant marketing the way it ties in with the movie. The questions she is asking are questions about a robot wanting to know what it’s like to be human. What do you think? Is it spammy or clever?

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Source: Yahoo! Movies, Adweek