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Illustrated wildlife

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Mon, 04 Aug 2014

The charity People’s Trust for Endangered Species has a new identity based around the use of illustrations.

Colourful created the new identity and said that wildlife charities tend to use lots of photography so they wanted the brand to stand out by using illustration.

Colourful says the strength of PTES is in joining up scientific research with real action on the ground, but that the charity needed to present a friendlier and more recognisable brand to supporters. They hope to increase awareness, supporter engagement and fundraising.

The consultancy developed branding around the strapline ‘Bringing the wild back to life’, which carries through into illustration.

Within the logo, a green banner holds the word ‘endangered’ and this is re-purposed as a device in campaigns.

Colourful has also created a toolkit of illustrative elements and graphic devices to work across a range of publications and event materials.

Illustrations were created by Colourful associate Hayley Cove. Tone of voice guidelines and top-level messaging were developed by Reed Words. The website was created by Mike Leach and James Burden.

This is not a charity that I even knew much about and I already feel like I know them more and find the illustrations engaging and interesting. I really like the soft colours and the new website design looks great. I hope the new identity is successful for them. 

Source: Design Week and The Drum