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Losing the pop

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Thu, 21 Jan 2016

The world is a sadder place today: the original creators of Bubble Wrap have introduced ‘iBubble Wrap’: a revamped version of the Bubble Wrap without the pop.

North Carolina-based manufacturer Sealed Air originally created Bubble Wrap. Traditional Bubble Wrap boasts rows of air pockets that are filled individually, while the new alternative features interlinked pockets that will squeeze air into neighbouring pods when pressed, making it more difficult to pop.

The reasoning behind introducing the iBubble Wrap is that the Bubble Wrap takes up too much space, and makes it expensive to ship. The iBubble Wrap is thus designed to be shipped deflated, and then inflated on site. This move is aimed to appeal to space and cost conscious online retailers such as Amazon, which use Bubble Wrap to package materials.

When news of the new product hit the internet, Bubble Wrap lovers took up arms and defended the much-loved product. However, Sealed Air has assured the public that the original Bubble Wrap will not be discontinued, and that the iBubble Wrap was just a cheaper alternative that will soon be available on the market. Phew!

Source: Design Taxi