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Not blurred lines

Posted by: Jo Briton

Categories: Illustration,

Thu, 14 Aug 2014

These mesmerizing vector illustration relies on both positive and negative space to form creative shapes. Created by Italian graphic designer Andrea Minini, who achieved this elegant look using a moiré pattern, which is a visual interference caused by overlapping lines in different thicknesses. The result of the intersecting marks creates depth in the work and contours the animal’s body. Spacing is also important, and the moiré distance between each line creates a larger visual plane and less detail.

Minini uses the blending tool in Illustrator to merge patterns of lines together and to magically generate all kinds of adorable animal portraits.

Overlapping layers produce thicker, denser areas, while the more spread out lines create an optical illusion that encourages the eye to jump around the composition. Without requiring very much detail, the slightly abstract creations suggest recognisable and real world creatures like penguins, turtles, polar bears, and killer whales.

See more for Minini’s work on his Behance page.  

Source: My Modern Met