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Opening doors for trafficked women

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Thu, 08 May 2014

This identity teams cute pastel colours with harsh copywriting to create an effective campaign.

Produced by Williams Murray Hamm for new charity Ella’s Home, which provides care for trafficked women in London.

The charity will offer trafficked women a safe place to live, skills training, and job opportunities through small businesses.

It is named for ‘Ella’ a woman who was trafficked to London’s sex industry. When she managed to leave the industry there was no support and nowhere for her to go.

Ella’s Home identity has been based on a key, which “symbolizes a safe place” and has the strapline “opening doors for trafficked women”.

WMH worked with student copywriter Sarah Mita to create a campaign and for me this slogan with a bite works. The copy and tone is based on the fact that ‘Ella’ and other trafficked women are someone’s daughter, and play on the love that parents have for their children but then comes the bite at the end. I think this contrasts well with the pastel colour palette used.

It's also interesting that WMH moved away from the usual sad, depressing images that are used in excess by charities.

Source: Design Week