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Political branding

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Tue, 15 Sep 2015

Very interesting article on Design Week website about the rise of political branding. Obviously political parties have had their own branding and marketing for many years now but UK politicians have started copying their USA counterparts and we are seeing more personal identities.

Front-running Labour candidate Jeremy Corbyn has been making his case for party leadership in recent weeks through a campaign fronted by this logo and using the strapline “straight talking honest politics”.

Social media has become increasingly more important in political campaigns with the Corbyn camp echoing Barack Obama’s #yeswecan presidential election campaign of 2008 with his #jezwecan message.

Recently we’ve also seen graphic design used as a tool for political jousting in the US as the teams of Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton and Republican candidate Jeb Bush manipulated each others messages and logos in a rather public Twitter spat.

So what does make a good political candidate logo today? Read the Design Week article to get the experts views. But what would attract you to vote for them?

Source: Design Week