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Riding the wave

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Tue, 17 Jun 2014

These photographs of waves right before they break upon the shoreline are magical. The colours and the power, with the sand whipped into a frenzy, they are stunning.

These were created by photographer Clark Little, who is an experienced surfer.

Little wades into the ocean for six hours a day in order to capture the perfect moment the wave curls to frame a portion of the horizon, before crashing and receding into the water.

In an interview with surfing website The Inertia, he recounted how he often gets tossed around and hit in the face by the waves, occasionally getting caught by the riptide in his pursuit of the perfect shot.

To see more of Little’s fabulous shots please see his website, he also a new book available for purchase featuring over 100 photographs.

Source: Design Taxi