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Scribbling style

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Wed, 11 Jun 2014

Featured on Design Taxi before, Malaysia-based illustrator Vince Law is known for his scribbling style and has produced an illustrated series of animals.

The black and white sketches are meticulously drawn and the clever shading is used to make the illustrations look unbelievably realistic-looking. Those cat’s eyes are staring right at me, I swear!

For more of Low’s work please see his website, complete with fun, scribbly self-portrait. The about page also details his struggle with dyslexia and makes inspirational reading.

He says of his scribbling style: “when I was planning the execution style, I was looking for something that screams simplicity, which I intended to balance out with some complex crafting. I started off by scribbling on my sketchbook, trying to find a direction. And over time, I discovered something in those scribbles – potential. I knew that it would be a challenge for me to scribble out and capture the souls and characters of those people in the portraits. For that reason, I was determined to make a breakthrough by bringing my crafting skills to a whole new level.”

Source: Design Taxi