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Silver peacock

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Tue, 09 Jun 2015

Peacocks aren’t terribly metal, but this university student made one worthy of a rock album cover. And I think it looks incredible beautiful, despite the facts it is made from spoons!

Going by “liddlenomnom” on reddit, the sculptor is from Northern Michigan University and made the metal peacock as her final project, spending over 120 hours in total.

Spoons, 1300 feet of wire, a portable vegetable steamer, and a gravy boat were all used in the process. The result is a bird that weighs 23 pounds, with a whopping 9 pounds just for the tail. The tail is so heavy that it has to be attached to the pedestal and not the bird. Since most of the metal was found, the sculpture cost just $50 to make.

Liddlenomnom is now planning to show the peacock at the ArtPrize exhibition, after which she might sell the bird. $3000 is her ballpark estimate after all the time, material and workshop hours are accounted for.

See the full process at Liddlenomnom’s imgur page.

Source: Demilked