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Spot the refresh

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Wed, 22 Apr 2015

Music streaming service Spotify has undergone a global design refresh, with an array of colours now injected into the brand.

The new look has been designed by New York-based consultancy Collins, after Spotify approached them to undertake the project.

The new branding identity means Spotify sheds its “sedate” colors for a bold look that complements the lively music culture it advocates.

Collins has broadened the exclusively green and black palette to 31 colours, added more “duotone” – two colour – imagery and photographs, and used new typefaces to extend the “limited toolbox”.

The duotone concept has been applied to band name graphics and photography, also incorporating angles, to give the images a distinctive “Spotify” look.

The Spotify brand is being refreshed across the website, application, social media, events, and advertising and marketing collateral. They hope to market the company as an “entertainment brand”, rather than a “technology service”.

Sources: Design Taxi and Design Week