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Posted by: Jo Briton

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Thu, 23 Jan 2014

Walk into the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco from now till the end of February and you'll find a gorgeous art installation that features 20 miles of ribbon cascading from the church's vaulted ceiling arches.

Artist Anne Patterson is behind Graced With Light, an installation consisting of nearly 1,000 satin ribbons with colors inspired by stained glass. It took the artist months to prepare, which she did in her art studio in Manhattan by constructing a 3/16-inch scale model of it with embroidery floss. Then, on site, it took Patterson and the Grace Cathedral community eight days to hand-assemble the project.

Graced with Light incorporates both music and video projection. The artist envisioned it as "a series of light pathways, connecting heaven and earth, manifest as ribbons. The ribbons carry our prayers, dreams and wishes skyward, and, in turn, grace streams down the ribbons to us."

I think it looks amazing, made more dramatic by the churches beautiful architecture. It would be an interesting experience sitting in a church with ribbon cascading down on you. There are some more fabulous photographs of the project on My Modern Met website.

Source: My Modern Met