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The innocence of childhood

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Tue, 05 May 2015

These photographs feel me with a warmth and joy as they show the simple fun and innocence of childhood.

Created by Adrian McDonald who is a wedding photographer by trade but is now finding fame by taking photographs of his neighbourhood children.

While in one photo a young boy looks completely caught in the moment playing with his toy dinosaurs, in another a boy smiles in awe of a bubble that he's just created in mid-air. I just love the look of wonderment his little face – adorable. McDonald came across his new subjects not far from where he lives; the children are actually part of a large family that lives right next door to him in the rural Jamaican parish of Westmoreland.

Five months ago, McDonald was taking photos of plants and animals outside his home when he heard the neighbors' kids playing on a swing in their backyard. The children seemed to be living in their own world, laughing and playing in total bliss. With their parents' permission, McDonald started photographing them at play.

To see more of McDonald’s work please see his website.

Source: My Modern Met