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The oldest logo

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Thu, 21 Aug 2014

A logo is probably the most recognisable branding element of a company. Some companies are instantly distinctive from the smallest part of their logo. Some companies trademark the colour of their logo it is that important.

Some companies in the world today have been using more or less the same logo design for decades.

Website 24/7 Wall St has identified the ten oldest corporate logos that are still in use today, based on a review of the world’s oldest companies. To make the list, a logo could not have been “meaningfully changed” over the years/

Top of the list is the logo of Belgium beer brand, Stella Artois – it has been used for more than 600 years, since 1366.

See the full list and details about where the logo originated from here, some make fascinating reading.

Source: Design Taxi