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There’s no smoke without fire

Posted by: Jo Briton

Categories: Photography,

Wed, 22 Jan 2014

The pyromaniac in me loves these dramatic swirly images of fire and smoke.

They are part of ‘Controlled Burns’, a photo series by photographer Kevin Cooley.

Cooley was inspired by the use of smoke signals as a means of communication during Papal conclaves, and his photos focus on how humans interact with nature. 

The fire and smoke are real and were created by Cooley. By capturing their images, he is taking charge of something that has the potential to get out of control, and the entire series can be read as a metaphor on the human inclination to control natural forces.

The dark, thick billowing clouds of black, white, and grey come across as both mesmerizing and ominous, serving as a reminder of the devastation fire can bring. They make me cough and splutter just to look at them.

But for Cooley it goes further than that, from a structuralist point of view, this imagery serves as metaphor for binary opposition, e.g. good vs. evil or day vs. night.

Cooley’s images will be exhibited as part of 'UNEXPLORED TERRITORY', an interdisciplinary exhibition exploring “the limits of human exploration and our desire to conquer and control nature”, at the Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles from 11 January 2014.

Please see more of Cooley’s work on his website, I also really like his ‘found landscape’ photographs.

Source: Design Taxi