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Tokyo through a magnifying glass

Posted by: Jo Briton

Categories: Photography,

Tue, 02 Jun 2015

I love these series of photographs called ‘Glassporthole’, it features a diffused and blurry view of the city of Tokyo where the buildings, streets, and signage are fused into a dazzling mixture of color, light, and shape.

Created by Japanese photographer Takashi Kitajima, as well as the abstract images, Kitajima uses a magnifying glass to bring the photo into a tight focus and show a miniaturized version of the landscape.

The two techniques are clever on their own but the was Kitajima combines them makes for unique images.

Having the word “porthole” in the series title also conjures ideas of a tiny porthole window you’d find on a ship that provides a glimpse to the larger outside.

I really like the ones that look like bobbing lights – do you have a favourite?

Source: My Modern Met