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Top 10 reasons why you should use Facebook in your business in 2017

Posted by: Jaine Bolton

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Tue, 10 Jan 2017

Facebook for your business

Since 2017 is a new year, it means that new marketing approaches will be utilised by companies. As predicted, content marketing is still one of the best ways to target customers, which means that you need to choose the right social media platform for you. Facebook may be one of the older social media platforms, now celebrating its 13th birthday, but it still has one of the most diverse markets. There are bound to be people for you to target. And the statistics prove that plenty of people are still using this platform. In fact, (1) 1.18 billion people were daily active users on Facebook in September 2016, which represents a 17% increase in people from last year. But apart from the volume of users, there are many other reasons as to why you should use Facebook in 2017.

Creates Awareness

1.Increases brand awareness – By investing time and a little budget into creating promoted ad campaigns, or even by sharing content that’ll be useful to your customers, you can thoroughly increase the reach of your posts. This will also help you to define the market or group of people you are targeting, and help your brand to reach these people.

2.Another way for people to find you - Facebook may not be the number one way to improve your Google SEO score, but it does help to improve it. I should also mention that because of the way social media platforms have grown over the years, it is expected that businesses would have social media pages, so that customers can discover more about you as a brand.

Drives Discovery

3.Easy to get started with – Facebook has a lot of different resources to help you make the best use of this platform. Facebook’s interface is also easy to use. 

4.A way to understand your customers – By using Facebook, you can interact with customers in so many ways. You can ask them questions, opinions and advice, in order to help see what your customers want from you. (2) This will also help improve your Edgerank score (which stories appear in each user's feed), so these people will see more of your posts.

Generates Leads

5.Constantly re-inventing itself for marketing purposes – As of late 2016, the amount of businesses using canvas ads (an immersive experience on Facebook’s mobile app for businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products) has increased, and Facebook is still creating new innovations to help marketers reach more people.

6.Targeting people becomes easier – By analysing the followers you already have, you can see patterns in your customer’s interests and how they interact with your posts. You can see what aspects to use in order to target similar people. Also, with Facebook’s custom audience tool, you’ll be able to re-target people who you’ve already interacted with.

Boosts Sales

7.Hardly costs a thing to use – Creating a page on Facebook is free, as well as a lot of the features you can use.. You can get by on organic results, however it is recommended that you use some of your budget for promotional ads if you want a larger reach. Also, consider the time and energy you’re willing to put into you Facebook updates.

8.Easy to measure analytics – Trying to see how people are interacting with your page and posts? You can use Facebook’s page insights (analytics) to find out information; like the number of people reached, post clicks, shares, comments, total video views and viewing behaviour details. Google analytics is also good if you want more detail.

Earns Loyalty

9.Increases brand loyalty – By using Facebook, you can easily tell your brand story, talk about the people behind your business and showcase the thought process of behind your products or services. All of these things can increase brand loyalty, because the customer’s will start to feel like your brand is a human being instead of just a company.

10.Great for customer support – Facebook is a brilliant way to respond rapidly to customers if they have any questions or complaints about your brand. However, you do need the resources to monitor incoming comments. After all, (3) 42% of people online expect a company to respond within an hour of their comment being made. Can you handle it?