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Typography every day

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Thu, 29 Oct 2015

Well this sorts out secret Santa for the studio. The Typodarium 2016 is a tear-off calendar that unveils a new typeface every day of the year for your inspiration.

Published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz, the latest edition of this popular product includes 366 fonts by 223 designers from 32 countries—in addition to information about each featured font, you would also find all the public holidays for these contributing countries in it.

Cheekily described as “totally legal designer drug for people who've got the typography virus”, this would definitely make a great gift for all of your creative friends, who would look forward to their daily “typographical morning greeting”.

This year, the Typodarium is more colourful than ever, and comes packed in a gorgeous box that will look great on any desk.

See their website if you wish to purchase the calendar.

Source: Design Taxi