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War graffiti art

Posted by: Jo Briton

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Tue, 28 Jan 2014

For more than a decade Afghanistan has been on our news screens portraying it locked in war and occupied by coalition forces.

But by night, armed with art materials made with salvaged paint from the tank maintenance crews and cardboard stencils, striking street art has been made by the occupying soldiers.

These enlisted street artists tagged the protective concrete walls put up around the city with emotionally charged images.

From reproduction of WWII pin-ups to subversive messages derived from anti-establishment cult film Fight Club, these graffiti artworks are expressions of the frustration and stress felt by the soldiers. 

To preserve these works of art, some of these tags have been carefully chipped off their walls and shipped off to museums around the world. Army veteran James Toler is also producing a picture book and postcards of these graffiti art so as to ensure that these artistic expressions of the soldiers who fought the war would not be lost.

Source: Design Taxi