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What are the benefits of using Pinterest Showcase?

Posted by: Katie Lewin

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Mon, 09 Jan 2017

Do you have a Pinterest account already? Then you may have heard about the new updates to Pinterest that were announced back in late 2016, including the showcase feature. Essentially, this feature allows people with business accounts to pick five different boards to highlight. You can also include buyable pins (pins that allow you to buy products you discover on Pinterest.) For businesses, this will turn out to be a reliable tool in order to interact with customers. And as Pinterest is still growing, with roughly 150 million users as of October 2016, this could play in your favour in order to gain more awareness of your page. If you’re wondering what the benefits of this new feature are, then this is the place to find them.

A better overall look – Showcase is on all platforms (iOS, Android, desktop web) but only editable on desktop web. This means that your Pinterest profile will look consistent across all platforms, with the same cover images, the same boards in the showcase. All of this will guarantee you a more consistent and professional looking profile.

An easier way to manage content – Because of how simplistic it is to create the showcase for your page, you can change it easily to update it. You can change your highlighted boards at anytime, switching to your seasonal content whenever you need to quickly. You can even update your buyable pin slot easily for when you get new products to sell. 

Tell your story – Whether it is promoting your ideas and process for your products, or boards about different content relating to your business, this feature can help you tell the business’s unique story. Also, by pushing boards based on your ideas or what you like can help you solidify your brand voice and can help your brand become more human.

More control –By using the showcase feature, you have more control over what people see on your page. This is because when in use, it becomes the first thing that anyone sees on your profile. Boards and pins have been moved down the page, into different tabs. This way, you can promote your best content.

A way to generate business – By using buyable pins, you could use the showcase feature to lead someone who left your website back to your store. You could also lead someone who left your website back to your best content (whether that be a blog article or a showcase of your work) if they are interested in the boards on your showcase.

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