Cultivating Brand Potential

Our services span the whole mix. We're just as happy delivering brand strategy as we are an online creative solution.
It all starts with the needs of your brand. Here's the bitesize version of what we do.

B2B Design

​Corporate does not have to mean boring. If your company needs to connect with another company, stakeholder or industry group then it can still be interesting and engaging; even fun if that fits your personality. Infographics can make complex data more approachable and understood. An annual report can inform and serve as a marketing tool. The company brochure has not died.

Connecting through a printed medium can be more personal than relying on digital. Great design and layout, engaging copy and stimulating imagery, helps you connect to your audience. The corporate world is even more time challenged than a consumer, juggling so may different mediums and absorbing so much information. Our creativity finds a way to get through.

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Brand Positioning

​We help you define who you are – a vital step to ensure your brand connects with your target audience and stands out from the crowd. We don’t use mystical techniques, just proven tools to understand your vision, values and your personality.

Sometimes we can be too close to our own organisation to see what sets us apart or which direction we should go. Our customer (and staff) research tools help us gather this insight - often resulting in an incredibly clear view of the way forward. Getting this positioning spot on is what drives success.

Imagine having a strategy that feels so natural to your people that they can’t help but drive towards it and talk about with one voice. Reinforce this with what you present externally and you’re already winning.

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Event Marketing

​With so many events being marketed daily all vying for attention, finding a way to make your event really attractive is a challenge. We consider everything from graphic concept through to printed and digital marketing. Getting involved with our clients at the start with event strategy, we offer advise and ideas that challenge to deliver more than the obvious.

Our creative team have a real passion for bringing an event to life and we love to challenge the obvious too.   We’ll give you bags of tried and tested advice and good ideas, but we’ll also question the norms. For example; is email is really the best way to engage your audience - just because everyone else is using it?

Whether the answer is printed or digital material, it’s all about cost effectiveness and we’ll work our socks off to make sure it works as hard as it can for you.

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​Good advertising is all about maximising the few moments in a customer’s time that are uniquely yours. A printed advert must work technically and creatively and find a way to grab the right attention – all this before you can even begin to drive a reaction. Digital advertising can be more efficiently targeted, but requires consideration of your audience in a whole new way.

Whatever type of advertising you’re doing, it‘s about far more than fitting words and images within a set dimension. It demands an intimate understanding of the medium you choose, how your audience interact with it and what other information sources they have to hand. Do they scan or read in full? What prior knowledge do they have and where is this easily available if it’s lacking? What devices do they use? Is a QR code appropriate?

With all these challenges, it’s easy to forget the message itself. To be effective an advert must connect with the audience by uniting message and medium. And to top it off you need them to act on what you say, not just smile and move on.

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B2C Design

​Now you’ve defined who you are and have a strong brand identity, we get even more excited about helping you connect with your target audience. Whether it’s a brochure, newsletter or mail shot we’ll ensure your marketing conveys your personality and values and communicates your service, product or information effectively.

Every ingredient is vital; design, copy, image – whatever the medium. Thankfully we have a passion for it all. Whether business or consumer, customers of today are more knowledgeable, considered and prudent than ever before. They are also time-challenged; pulled in many directions. To deliver effective communication a brand must make a connection with the customer on their terms and in their world. Just the kind of challenge we relish!

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Message Development

​The key to a successful marketing campaign or brand building program is insight. The more you understand about your audience the easier it is to find ways to resonate with them, persuade and show them that you are exactly what they are looking for. The world is evolving so quickly, your messaging may no longer accurately reflect your business or the needs of your customers.

We love to put ourselves in your customer’s shoes. Once there we strive to understand what makes them tick, what frustrates or worries them, what catches their attention and what makes them return. We will help you close the gap between what you want to tell your customers and what they truly want to hear.

Armed with this information, we’ll recommend a messaging approach that’s right for your brand, bring it to life with brilliant design and deliver it in the best medium to engage with your audience.

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Digital Design

​The digital world is moving at pace requiring agility, creativity and insight! For example email marketing needs planning to be effective. An interactive PDF needs to be an enhancement of the original. Accessibility across all digital platforms is a necessity. And creating an effective website requires three stages to ensure it is more than just a digital brochure.

We have an innovative approach to web site planning, a critical stage for success. Great design will make the difference between just having a website, or having a useful marketing tool. With inhouse programming and build we offer bespoke CMS solutions and well-known platforms. And while the world is obsessed with SEO we look at the bigger picture of strategy, optimisation and conversion.

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​Bold packaging for a large B2B plumbing wholesaler? Creative packaging for a growing B2C confectionery business? Whatever the challenge we have the ability to bring your brand to life in three dimensions as well as two. Product life stage also matters. A bold packaging statement may be needed for a new product launch. While, refreshing the packaging of an established product requires a sensitive approach to existing brand loyalty.

All design projects are a partnership between the client and the designer and this is never more important than in a packaging project. If you know the right packaging solution already we can create the perfect visual wrapping. If you just have a product and are unsure where to start we can help create the ideal container.

Many clients have a very close affinity to their product and bringing the idea to life is often a real labour of love. We’ll respect your journey so far and create a design to make it fly off the shelves.

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Charity Marketing

​The third sector may well be the most challenging of all. With constantly increasing competition, and everyone watching their pennies, we understand the issues. Bad publicity around collections and unscrupulous imposters have all given the sector a bad name.

Firstly, we will work with you to ensure your message is right. We evaluate and challenge strategy to develop effective solutions. Only then will we explore the best medium to get that message heard. That might be an innovative digital campaign or it might be a more traditional advertising campaign.

We know how important it is to truly understand the needs of your audience. From hard hitting messaging  tackling teenage contraception, to the sensitivity required to create a breast cancer campaign, we can adapt our approach for any charity that will work in today’s climate.

Above all else, we are proud to help.

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Brand Identity

​A logo might tell people your name, but a brand tells the world what kind of company you are. It's that gut feeling about your product or service, that says 'Yes, that's the one for me!" Getting your brand identity right really does matter. In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, brand is a powerful strategic tool.  It drives trust, engagement and loyalty.

Whether creating new brand identities or refreshing old ones, we approach each project by focusing, collaborating and innovating to give you a distinctive, standout brand.

From small businesses to household brands, we combine creativity and strategic thinking to give you a solution as truly unique as you are.

What happens now I have my brand?

The more distributed a brand becomes the more management it will need. We won't leave you high and dry, we can provide guidance on brand strategy and delivery, ensuring everyone knows how to correctly represent your brand elements across all channels and mediums.

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Display Design

Delivering design that packs a punch on a large scale involves more than enlarging a front cover or web page. A single display, larger portable framework, or the complete covering of an exhibition shell scheme, all have their own unique requirements. Covering a construction hoarding, or large retail display needs careful planning, attention to detail and creative thinking.

Any interaction between you and your customer is a huge responsibility – large scale design is no exception. It must work both physically and connect on a personal level with the audience. A display often needs to be a real show stopper; a one-time chance to make a powerful first impression. Thankfully, we always think big in everything we do, making display design a natural part of how we’ll help to cultivate your brand potential.

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