Cultivating brand potential

Buzzacott Chartered Accountants – Company magazine

​The brief

We were commissioned to create a company brochure, which was not the basic corporate approach but had a magazine feel and was highly creative to engage with the audience.

Our solution

We started by creating concepts for different inside page designs. Some spreads involved detailed graphics but even text pages required a creative layout to bring the content to life. We ensured that the magazine flowed page to page but there was still individuality to keep interest and promoted different departments in the company. The cover in particular was very conceptual but this helped to create the unique quality of the publication and certainly moved away from a corporate look.

Project achievements

The brochure has been very popular and well received by both employees at Buzzacott and clients and has flown off the shelves in their reception area. We are currently planning to create a second edition within the next few months.

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