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Havering College of F & HE - Marketing strategy and toolkit

​The brief

Havering College asked us for help and guidance in creating a marketing strategy to bring together the vast range of collateral produced by the marketing team and all the individual faculties. The end result needed to be easy to adopt, adaptable and present Havering College with one unifying message over a three-year period. This area of education is very competitive and the final concept needed to resonate with students and show them something different.

Our solution

Acumen Design’s input to this project at an early stage helped to develop and define the brief to create a campaign book and creative templates that meet the needs of both primary and secondary marketing.

We created the Campaign Message 'I WANT TO'. This is spoken from the student’s point of view and leads to the Key Message, which is based on the aspirations of the student and what they want out of college life. 'Havering College is not just an education, it’s a catapult to their future and a life experience'.

Working in partnership with Havering College we produced a robust marketing campaign that helped the marketing team to centrally control the basic messaging and visuals of all the collateral required by the college while simultaneously giving the college faculties enough flexibility and creative freedom to create their own unique marketing material.

The 'I WANT TO' campaign is a multi-faceted marketing strategy that included a campaign book that covered all the core elements needed to successfully market each faculty and the college on a whole.

Project achievements

This marketing strategy and campaign book has revolutionised the College’s marketing enabling them to re-think printed material with a new strategy, saving money and creating more impact with consistency. College faculties have embraced the brand and no longer create bespoke, off-brand marketing that was damaging and fragmenting the brand.

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