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Havering Council – Romford Prospectus

​The brief

Havering Council asked Acumen Design to produce a brochure that would inspire building developers and architects to consider Romford as an ideal place for future investment. Our client wanted the brochure to retain a prestigious quality throughout and reflect the possibility of developing many areas in Romford.

Our solution

In order to create a design style that would engage and connect with the building industry we decided to use an architects concept drawing over an image of Romford for the cover. This helped us to treat Romford as a whole without highlighting any specific area.
The angled lines from the cover were then used throughout the brochure to give it a modern and high-end aesthetic that would compliment large areas of carefully selected colour, The colour palette was used in combination with a concrete texture to help lift the design and give the layouts a tangible look and feel.
During this project Acumen Design had to scout several locations around Romford before commissioning a photographer to produce a stock library that could be used for this brochure and other work in the future.

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"The prospectus came together as a joint ad-venture between Acumen and Havering Council’s Communication Team. It was a collaboration that ultimately delivered something which proved a hit with the client and also with the invited businesses at the launch."

Cheryl Curling, Interim Head of Communications
Havering Council

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