Cultivating brand potential

Naval Service Sports Charity - Brand identity

​The brief

We were very proud to be asked to work with the Naval Service Sports Charity (NSSC) to create a new identity that had to work with other naval brands, especially interacting with the main Royal Navy brand. We were also asked to create basic brand guidelines for delivering the brand and marketing.

Our solution

In our approach we looked at a wide range of concepts and consulted with the client to create a brand marque that realigned them with their affiliated brands. We created a bold stationery design, which could be used as a key communications tool. We also worked through NSSC’s image library to find suitable images that could be used for portable display work. We then created mini brand guidelines that involved suggestions for further marketing work.

Project achievements

The NSSC now has a strong identity that enables them to get the recognition for the work that they give to naval and support staff. It also enables them to pitch for and get involved in larger scale projects.

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