Cultivating brand potential

UK Trade & Investment – Company values branding

​The Brief

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) approached Acumen Design to create visual branding for their internal vision and values which would engage with staff and give them a shared sense of focus. The final solution would have to be appealing not only to British employees but to 169 different countries world wide. As the brief was for internal communication the UKTI team wanted to push their brand further than the external branding would allow.
The visual branding had to work on their own and as a set and would be used on a range of deliverables including posters, leaflets, stickers, screen savers and large format exhibition roll ups.


Each main value had different aspects to it, it was not just one simple message, so we started by creating multiple graphic elements and icons that when combined together told a story. This helped give more background and meaning to the values so staff would engage and believe in them more.
One of the most important aspects of the solution was to reduce the amount of copy, to do this the words ‘be the difference’ were introduced to replace several paragraphs of copy to clarify the values and give them contexts with regards to the overall UKTI Strategy. The overall gave the values a personality that suggested a less corporate style with softer iconography and friendly colours.

Project achievements

The visual branding values were well received world wide and increased communication between staff and managers.

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