Thank you for registering for your 20% Discount

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for registering, and I look forward to the opportunity of helping you create something amazing. There are just a few Terms and Conditions that apply to this offer so please read through carefully.

  1. To redeem the applied discount you must supply a written brief for your applicable project, and for transparency we will supply a written estimate of fees which will show our standard quote as well as the 20% discounted quote.
  2. A 20% Discount will only be applied to your first project commissioned to Acumen Design Consultancy. We hope to continue working with you in the future, however additional projects will be quoted using our normal design fees.
  3. Only one 20% Discount can be claimed per company.
  4. The 20% Discount can only be used against design fees, other services such as printing costs or web programming are not eligible for this discount. Website design and planning are eligible services.
  5. Once registered for a 20% discount this must be used against a design project within 3 months of your registration date.
  6. You do not need a code to redeem your discount, but to claim against it, the project brief must be supplied by the registered person, while still working at the registered company.
  7. Your registered details will be securely stored for 3 months, and we will only use these details to contact you about using your discount within that period.

We look forward to meeting you.

Best wishes

Ray Calder
Creative Director

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