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We’re quite an analytically-minded bunch; that’s what our clients love about working with us. We don’t just take a brief; we always think about what’s being asked of us, and make sure it’s right for the brand and for the project. We’ll talk to you, we’ll listen, we’ll challenge (in a nice way, of course). And once the work’s done, we take a step back and ask ourselves if it’s ready to be unleashed on the world.

We think about whether this work will help a company to grow, to interact better with its customers or clients, to retain staff, to win pitches, to compete more.

We find that effective questioning brings insight, fuels curiosity and cultivates wisdom. We want everything created under your brand to be done well, and to achieve great things.

So how do we achieve so much?

We work with you to identify the character and personality that can help make your brand succeed. We help you to understand how they relate, and how you can use them to get to the heart of what your customers need. Passion fuels passion, and we’re an excitable lot. You should see us when we get around a table to debate and create. Before we jump in though, we’ll take a step back, make a cup of tea and really think about the task at hand.

What is the best way to get the results you desire? Are we headed in the right direction? Will we need some fresh thinking and a fresh pot brewing? You see, our work has life and personality, with reasoning and rationale. It’s got the creativity, and it has meaning. We create a good foundation so that everything you build on top of it makes sense, has a purpose, and can grow. That’s what our years of experience bring to the table.

Acumen Ideas Room

But what are we like, really?

There’s no shiny throne where we sit and ponder our genius and look down on the world. There is a commercial purpose to your brand, and it needs to be workable with real-life application. When you ask for a new website, we’ll find out what your digital plans are, why you want the website and what your capacity to maintain it is. When you brief us on a branding or printed project, we’ll ask about the content of course. But we’ll question why now? What core challenges do you need us to solve?

We’re not tortured artistes and we can take constructive criticism. But we may question you when it’s warranted, because that’s what a true collaboration looks like: working together to get the absolute best out of things. We feel privileged to do what we do and we invest in your company, in your brand and in you. That’s why we naturally feel like brand guardians, with ideas and suggestions beyond a constrained project.

Make a fresh cuppa and look through some of our latest projects.

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