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Banana Crumble

Launching an inspirational online brand

Services delivered:

  • Websites & Digital
  • Digital Advertising
  • Website planning
  • Website design
  • Website build
  • User experience
Key Takeaway:

There is a whole buzz at the moment for ‘mobile first’ design, but that is misleading. If your website is going to get predominately mobile visitors, it makes sense to ensure that experience is very good. But Google does not know in which order you designed the desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile versions. It is highly unlikely that any website has 100% mobile visitors. So you need to make sure that on every platform the experience is good, and if you have that mindset then you (or your design agency) can plan the right content and, if applicable, how it responds and changes to suit those different platforms.

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They needed…
A new brand and website to launch the business. The team at Banana Crumble had a great idea, but needed an agency to guide them through the process of creating a brand and building a website. They needed a web experience that on the one hand was simple and to the point (the free cash prize giveaway), and on the other engaged the audience so they would then go on to browse the site. Digital advertising revenue is key to the business model, so the longer people browse the pages the better.

We created…
Working closely with the owners we worked through the fundamentals of the site and service, and then added enhancements to make the experience better and dwell-time longer. Our wireframe planning was crucial, enabling the team at Banana Crumble to feed in to the planning stage without any design or programming skills. Without full brand guidelines we also developed the design style by creating mood boards of other sites, allowing the team to choose the creative approach they liked.

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