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British Embassy Paris and Brussels with Eurostar

Showcase the UK’s expertise to a worldwide audience

Services delivered:

  • Display & Events
  • Large format design
  • Portable stands
Key Takeaway:

Using non-traditional advertising spaces and opportunities can have more impact. The train stations at the Gare du Nord in Paris and Brussels Midi both have many digital, bright, colourful advertising screens. But by placing adverts in unique ways and spaces, our campaign stood out more and captured the attention of travellers. Digital has taken over our lives both at work and at home, so sometimes yet another screen advert is easily dismissed. For your next marketing project, can you do something totally different, perhaps going ‘old school’, using a non-digital approach?

Great Eurostar Brussels Graphics 2

They needed…
To take advantage of a massive marketing opportunity. The British Embassy in Paris had an amazing opportunity to use the UK Government’s GREAT campaign branding across the whole of the Gare du Nord train station. The only criterion was that we could not use any traditional advertising space, especially any of the digital screens. Excited by the initial plans and ideas, Eurostar also then approached the British Embassy in Brussels to design a similar campaign at the Brussels Midi train station, but with the same challenges, i.e. to not use any existing advertising spaces. As nothing like this had been done before at either train station, they needed us to make several site visits and create plan drawings that could be approved by the senior team in Eurostar as well as both Embassies and Number 10 in the UK.

We created…
An eclectic mix of eye-catching advertising. We suggested innovative uses for the unique spaces at Gare du Nord to really showcase the GREAT brand. A 60-metre long floor design for the main concourse and a clear way of branding the central staircase were key highlights. The rollout in Brussels had some interesting structural challenges. The biggest being a ceiling grid that had never been used creatively before, but since our design it has now been added to their main advertising options. We also created a large floor display in the entrance, as well as door graphics and wall displays throughout. We worked with a local large format printer in Paris and communicated the entire meeting by showing each other drawings to convey instructions. Not a single graphic in either venue had to be reprinted. Both campaigns received enormous exposure through PR and marketing, with their value far extending the physical costs involved.

Following the success of the first campaigns we have reproduced the advertising takeover in Brussels, this time including more digital interaction with station visitors.

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