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British High Commission Malaysia

Battersea and Beyond Trade Mission supporting graphics

Services delivered:

  • Display & Events
  • Event graphics
  • Large format design
Key Takeaway:

When creating event graphics to be used as backdrops to presentations on stage, it is imperative that you know every detail of the stage set, including where the podium will be, how many people will be on stage, etc. For this event we event drilled right down to the detail of checking the height of David Cameron and did mock tests to see the various photo opportunities that would be available. Also, when working with print partners overseas, don’t presume technical instructions have the same meaning, or that technical requirements of portable displays are the same as the UK.

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They needed…
Urgent branding for a prestigious Prime Minister’s visit to Kuala Lumpur. With just 8 days’ notice the British Embassy in Malaysia had to prepare for a very high profile trade mission to promote the ‘Battersea and Beyond’ initiative. The challenge was made harder as the Embassy was just about to start a four day Hari Raya bank holiday weekend. They needed branding and graphics for a main stage event as well as other smaller events across Kuala Lumpur.

We created…
GREAT branding extensively used throughout the Prime Minister’s high-profile visit. Due to the detail of the trade mission and partnership between the UK and Malaysia in the Battersea project, we had to create new advert creative. The GREAT brand is managed directly by the PM’s office Number 10, with very strict guidelines and rules. Getting pillar-worthy headline images that fit within these rules was difficult, but we managed to cover the five Northern Powerhouse cities. We provided plans for each event showing graphic opportunities and then worked with a local Malaysian print firm to create banners and other large format displays.

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